We understand that timely delivery is important to our customers, which is why we take great care in not only preparing and producing your custom design, but also ensuring that it is shipped to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. To give you an idea of our shipping costs and delivery times, we have provided a detailed table below that also includes the time needed for design preparation and production.

Country Shipping costs (€) Delivery time

Portugal (mainland and islands)

€2,50 (Free for orders over €29,99)

2 to 4 working days

Spain (mainland and islands)

€2,50 (Free for orders over €29,99)

2 to 4 working days


Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Luxembourg


Normal - €4,5  (Free for orders above €49,99 )

Express - €9,90

6 to 10 working days

3 to 6 working days

Other EU countries

€9,90  (Free for orders above €59,99 )

3 to 6 working days


We do not currently ship to non-EU countries.

Deliveries and collections in Portugal are by CTT. In European Union countries they are by EMS Express.

Deliveries are made between 9am and 6pm, on working days. Someone must be at the address to receive the package. This service does not include the option of scheduling or appointment, so the delivery of the package will be made without prior contact by the carrier.  We do not guarantee this delivery period in the periods of promotions, sales, Christmas and when we are out of stock.


We do not ship to:

- Faroe islands;

- Greenland;

- Helgoland;

- Buesingen;

- Mount Athos;

- Andorra;

- Canary islands;

- Ceuta;

- Melilla;

- Guadalupe;

- Martinique;

- Reunion;

- French Guiana;

- French Overseas Territories;

- Mayotte;

- St. Peter;

- Miquelon;

- San Marino;

- Municipality of Livigno;

- Municipality of Campione d'Italia;

- Territorial Waters of Lake Lugano;

- Aruba;

- Dutch Antilles;

- Aland Islands;

- Isle of Man;

- Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark);

- Gibraltar;

- Saint Helena and its dependencies;

- British Indian Ocean Territory;

- Turk and Caicos Islands;

- Cayman Islands;

- Montserrat Island;

- British Virgin Islands;

- Falkland Islands;

- Pitcairn Islands;

- British Antarctic Territory;

- Bermuda;

- Anguilla.